The Story Behind Us

TheSNCPodcast is the brainchild of Folashade Anozie. While working as a music executive at X3M Music, Folashade had various discussions with the unsung heroes of the Nigerian music industry – the music producers and songwriters – about their creative process, copyright issues, financial challenges, and lack of recognition. The conversations helped her understand their needs and she started thinking of impactful ways to help.

After moving back to the United States to start law school, Folashade continued to strategise on how she could make a difference. Eventually, she leaned in to her super power – communication and education.

In her final year of law school, she created TheSNCPodcast, a platform focused on spotlighting Nigerian music creatives behind the scenes and giving them the opportunity to discuss their work.

The culmination of her initial conversations and experience in law school ultimately led her to expand her effort to include African creatives and executives in the music, arts, and entertainment industries.

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